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About Us

The shoes we wear foreshadow our personality and taste. And the belts and bags we carry depict our refined palate of possession. Therefore, what’s more, eye-catching than hand-crafted leather items? ‘The Shadow’ is the name of our esteemed and high-valued trademark company that has its main focus on manufacturing shoes for over half a decade.

Our brand name, “The Shadow” defines our powerful production and exclusive design choices that are hand-crafted by industry-ready professional artisans to cater to your needs. Our current motto is to disseminate our brand name, pan India, as we are in various products such as shoe care products, wallets, belts, bags, Garments, and more.

Our strict belief lies in the technical art since machines fail to produce the authentic end-product and meet the apparent colossal production. So we have curated a team of experienced workers who devote their lives to manufacturing bespoke handmade shoes.

Shoe-making is an art, and therefore the patina finish, as well as every specially crafted shoe, is considered to be a valuable addition to our store, as well as to your wardrobe.

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