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Product Care

  1. It is best to clean a set of shoes immediately after wearing them. Dirt and grime will not have time to accumulate if you clean them directly after wearing them.
  2. A damp cloth and some The Shadow Cream can be used to restore your shoe, mainly if the layers of dirt are still fresh.
  3. To prevent applying possibly harmful chemicals to the leather, use a clean cloth. Furthermore, you ought to utilize a sponge for a different purpose.
  4. Remove any excess cream with a microfiber towel and allow the shoes to air dry. By air drying, we mean leaving them out in the open, where they can breathe but are not exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

Here’s what you need to do to polish your shoes correctly:

  • In a circular motion, apply a generous amount of polish to every area you can reach.
  • Allow it to air dry for a few hours.
  • Buff out the shoes with one of your shoe-shine brushes to achieve a lovely matte finish.
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